Dr. James Simons

Picture7Dr. James Simons – Dr. Simons conceived and led the development of the GoMexSI database since 2002, and prior to that, the compilation of trophic references into a bibliography since 1987. Dr. Simons has compiled 747 references to date on trophic habits of fishes in the Gulf of Mexico into a soon to be published bibliography, which stands as the source document for the GoMexSI database. Dr. Simons has led the effort on numerous proposals to fund the development of the database, made numerous presentations around the country about the project, and published several papers on the database project.


The Center for Coastal Studies (CCS) is an interdisciplinary marine research institute. CCS conducts basic and applied research, ecological monitoring, public education outreach, and graduate-level education and research programs. CCS scientists and students work on marine topics from the local area of the Texas Coastal Bend to the farthest reaches of the Gulf of Mexico on Mexico’s southeastern coasts and beyond, with projects that also include the east and west coasts, Hawaii and the U.S. Virgin Islands. These scientists and students reflect a heritage of nearly 40 years of scientific endeavors. Their efforts contribute significantly to our understanding of the marine environments on which much of the quality of our lives is dependent.

Support Personnel:

Active Personnel:

Theresa Mitchell, Lilly Walker, Tracy Weatherall, Kelly Powers, Kalen Rice, Alex Fontes

No longer active with the project:

Michael Casavecchia, Michael Zottarelli, Amanda Yzaguirre, Taylor Mangum, Tiffany Miller, Tinara Hendrix, Jacob Harrison, Brooke Gonzalez, Caitlin Cravey, Debra Hoekel